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Weekly dev call - Meeting notes

(kjetilkjeka) #1

This topic is only for collaborating on notes from the weekly dev call.

There will only be one post per meeting.

  • It will be created before the meeting, and edited several times.
  • Feel free to edit in items on the agenda.
  • After the meeting, feel free to edit in your notes under the agenda item, but try to make them coherent with already existing notes.
  • Please refrain from adding other posts or using this thread for anything else as it will quickly clutter the meeting notes.

For any questions about topics discussed at the dev call (or other feedback on the process of creating these notes), please create a new topic.

(kjetilkjeka) #2

Agenda/Notes 08.10.2018

Present (3)

No agenda yet:

The Stockholm summit post is important:

The code compatibility issue is the main unresolved issue and needs to be resolved:

(kjetilkjeka) #3

Agenda/Notes 15.10.2018

Present (3)

General notes:

  • Pavel is a little bit behind on spec work. Will finish it soon.

Pyuavcan needs update

  • Pavel will do it.
  • We need someone for doing front end work on the gui tool

Protocol namespace PR should be smaller.

  • Pavel will remove a lot of the namespace.
  • Kjetil will review
  • Scott will catch up

(kjetilkjeka) #4

Agenda/Notes 22.10.2018

Present (3)

Review the massive DSDL PR one last time.

  • Scott need to add final comments
  • And then everyone need to take one last review

There is a new DSDL Parser in Python (https://github.com/UAVCAN/pydsdl)

  • (Pavel) Can we remove the Rust parser?
    (Kjetil) No, currently adding functionality for using dynamic DSDL in Uavcan.rs

Unresolved questions for protocol v1.0:

Sort priority (uavcan protocol -> DSDL protocol -> dsdl definitions)

  • It might help us start implementing stuff sooner.

(kjetilkjeka) #5

Agenda/Notes 29.10.2018

Kjetil (the great note taker) missed the meeting due to daylight saving time, please edit in notes if you have some.

(kjetilkjeka) #6

Agenda/Notes 05.11.2018

Present (2)

Code compatibility (The case for code compatibility)

  • Pavel has commented.
  • Kjetil agree to not having code compatibility on minor version
  • We will discuss having code compatibility on patch version next week

DSDL const evaluation and assertions (New DSDL directive for simple compile-time checks)

  • Kjetil will write the DSDL chapter
  • We will discuss kjetils draft next week
  • Kjetil will read the restrictions to DSDL and comment on them.

Concerning the meeting.

  • After daylight saving the meeting time is inconvinient for Kjetil. Let’s reschedule (Weekly dev call)

Weekly dev call
(kjetilkjeka) #7

Agenda/Notes 12.11.2018

Present (3)

News on Code Compatibility (The case for code compatibility) ?

  • Postpone discussion

Rescheduling of the meeting (Weekly dev call)

  • Meetings are now on Wednesdays 18:00 UTC

Are these kind of agenda/notes good enough or do we want each meeting to have a topic of its own?

  • Not touched on

Challenges of timekeeping and timestamping

  • Read up on discussion and comment before next meeting

Review of chapters 1 & 2

  • Read up on discussion and comment before next meeting

SI namespace design

  • Read up on discussion and comment before next meeting

Transfer priority level mnemonics

  • Read up on discussion and comment before next meeting

(kjetilkjeka) #8

Agenda/Notes 21.11.2018

Note: American Holiday, Scott will not be able to attend

Present (2)

Discuss statically allocated IDs in the application specific range (On standards and regulation)

  • No progression beyond the current discussion
  • Think about how a conclusion can be reached and discuss next meeting.

Touch on SI design (SI namespace design)

  • Kjetil is worried about the current design, but has no constructive suggestions to improve it.

Timestamping issues (On timestamping, https://github.com/UAVCAN/dsdl/pull/53)

  • If 56 bit timestamps are used every message (continging a float32) will be at least 12 bytes.
  • The maximum length of CAN 2.0B messages are 8 byte, 24 bit timestamp should be used to avoid all messages being muli frame.

DSDL versioning

  • Kjetil is worried about micro protocols using different datatypes.
  • Been thinking about a different versioning scheme, will be concertized and announced before next meeting.

(kjetilkjeka) #9

Agenda/Notes 28.11.2018

Present (5)

Discuss statically allocated IDs in the application specific range (On standards and regulation)

  • Reached a conclusion of allowing static IDs in the application specific range.

DSDL versioning alternative (Simpler and better DSDL versioning)

  • Remove any mention of github and git repos (should be interchangable +devops - spec)
  • Pavel might think it’s a bit more complex
  • Discuss more next week

Chapter 1 and 2 of the Specification (https://github.com/UAVCAN/specification/pull/32)

  • Pavel agrees with every point from the last review, will fix and hopefully merge soon.

Implementations Schedule

  • Scott wants to discuss v1 schedules (again)
  • We should do a community announcement where we are in the process.
  • Our highest priority is to resolve DSDL versioning discussion.

(kjetilkjeka) #10

Agenda/Notes 05.12.2018

Present (?)

DSDL versioning alternative (Simpler and better DSDL versioning)