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Welcome new members of the UAVCAN Consortium

The UAVCAN Consortium was launched yesterday. Today we welcome our first member – Revolve NTNU :tada:

There are several additional members in the pipeline that will be joining in the short order. We will be updating this thread regularly to keep the public informed about membership changes.

New members, please send a private message to @admins to get access to the Consortium category and the internal documentation library.


Today we welcome Volz Servos of Germany, who are our first expert-tier member :champagne:

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Meet the Innopolis University :mortar_board:

Half a year ago the team of Roman Fedorenko (@frontw) published an overview of their experience with UAVCAN in autonomous aerial vehicles. The original publication is in Russian but an automatic translation is available: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://habr.com/ru/company/innopolis/blog/513192/

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Today we welcome the Dronecode Foundation — the organization that leads the development of the DS-015 UAVCAN Drone Standard:

A long-awaited member — the ArduPilot project — has joined the Consortium today. Hopefully our collaboration will help the ecosystem converge on v1 faster.

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MKS Servo is the second servo vendor to join the Consortium :tada:

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Hitec Commercial Solutions are our new expert-tier member. They already have a portfolio of UAVCAN v0-enabled servos, and we are looking forward to see their products support UAVCAN v1 as well.