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Modify v0 UAVCAN GUI Tool for v1?

I know that the new application, Yukon, has in the works for the past year and is supposed to have lots of nice new features, but having a more bare-bones solution in place (that is a step above a CLI) would be extremely useful for most system-setup use cases. Basically, what would cover most of my needs is:

  1. Ability to see a list of all active nodes on the bus
  2. Ability to fetch all parameters from a node and view them in a table
  3. Ability to modify and “save” (send) parameters back to a node
  4. Bonus: The Bus Monitor, with its handy message decoding
  5. Bonus: The Jupyter-style interface

That’s really it. Yakut works, but trying to setup a large system with it sounds quite painful.

Thoughts? I haven’t really looked into the details of the UAVCAN GUI Tool; how difficult would this be to strip it down to just a simple register interface?