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Libuavcan driver for STM32H7?

(Andrew Tridgell) #1

Has anyone written a libuavcan driver for STM32H7xx? It uses a new FDCAN peripheral, so it looks like some quite significant changes from the F4/F7 driver.
If nobody else has done one then I will try to do one. I’m developing for a STM32H743.
Cheers, Tridge

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Hi Tridge,

I don’t think a driver for that hardware has ever been published by anyone. You should be aware that the legacy UAVCAN v0 does not support CAN FD; if you are switching to a CAN-FD-capable hardware, you should consider migrating to UAVCAN v1.0 (the first stable release of the specification). The spec draft is currently available at https://new.uavcan.org/specification (section 3-DSDL is incomplete).

(Andrew Tridgell) #3

Hi Pavel,
My initial aim is for compatibility with existing CAN (what ST calls “classic” CAN) on F4 and F7, not CAN FD. We don’t plan on switching to CAN FD for a while yet.
Cheers, Tridge