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LIbcanard on freeRTOS SUCCESSFULl!

(Skyyuzhang) #1

Thanks for the help form pavel.kirienko and Alexander I have been researching libcanard for a while and finally it is successful. the function of my program is not too much just NODE_STATUS and RC_PWM subscriber and publisher of some sin value. It is not complete I will keep maintain and make better. of course I will keep it simple as possible as I can . in this program FreeRTOS has been used. so you can make more things you want . The hardware I choice on of the most ordinary chip which is STM32F103C8 and TJA1051 . The circuit is also simple.the project are as follow .I wish my project could help more people which is learning and interesting on libcanard .

Working example of libcanard
(geomall92) #2

Wow, thanks so much. I’ve been working slowly towards this very thing! I’ve been able to build hex/elf successfully with “make” command right out of a git clone. I have the STM32F103C8 and TJA1051 hardware on hand, I will test it out and report back.

(Skyyuzhang) #3

I will make more different funtcion using libcanard on many different chip. not just only stm32f103c8. As for it is bigger for some modules

(geomall92) #4

Hello Skyyuzhang,

Thanks again for sharing your working project on GitHub. I built it up and tested on inexpensive STM32F103s with known good SN65HVD230 adapters and had immediate success. Compiled with gcc 7.3.0 on Windows. I’ve documented it here https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=40932635&postcount=16

Thanks so much,

Where to find great example of using UAVCAN in embedded system?
(kent.martin) #5

Thanks for this demo. I have been unsuccessfully trying to get any libcanard code to function .
I built your code by imported it to ac6 (sw4stm) as a makefile project.
That worked ok but I could not debug it, so I created another sw4stm project from your .ioc file and changed to sw4stm instead of makefile. I copied in the code and then excluded files not used. It build and I could debug it.
However when I connect it to a zubax babel with uavcan gui bus monitor , I do not see any messages at all ,and it gets stuck in the tx loop and never returns from there. I had the same problem with the zubax babel running libcanard tutorials. What is an easy way to test this code? I have tried to sets of source and 2 different hardware boards always with the same result. I have test 2 zubax boards with uavcan gui together and they see each others node status messages fine. Is there a binary or somehting that is known to work that I can test with to try and narrow this down?