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Configure UAVCAN for PX4 Fligth Stack

(pletnev16rus) #1

Hello! I want to use UAVCAN protocol for ESC. And I want to configure PX4 Flight Stack 1.8.0 by means of parameters in QGC according with Zubax manual https://kb.zubax.com/display/MAINKB/Using+Sapog-based+ESC+with+PX4
I used last daily build QGC, updated of firmware to PX4 Flight Stack 1.8.0 (Stable).
And I can not to find parameters for UAVCAN enable and settings.
Moreover I could not find parameters for CAN at all.

I do not know why uavcan parametes is unavailable. May be anybody did encountering with like problems and can help me?

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

You should ask PX4 maintainers why their implementation is not working. Consider opening a ticket or asking on the forum.

This forum is about the protocol, not about any particular product that uses it.

(pletnev16rus) #3

OK, thank you!
I thought that it is feature of uavcan implementation.