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Two-Factor Authentication

(Scott Dixon) #1

To increase the integrity of the UAVCAN source repositories we will be requiring Two-Factor authentication for all members of the UAVCAN Github organization by June 14th. Github supports several and multiple 2nd-factor devices so I think two weeks should be ample time to configure this for your Github account.

Please contact me directly if this is an issue for you. Thanks for your cooperation and commitment to source-code integrity.

(Scott Dixon) #2

A reminder that this will be happening next week.

(Scott Dixon) #3

This is happening now. Please let me know either here or in the PX4 slack if you lose access.

(Scott Dixon) #4

Actually, I’m going to hold off since there are currently 5 users that would get booted if I did this.

@kjetilkjeka, @ilia.sheremet, @aasmune, @eugene.shamaev, and davids5 (is he on this forum); can you please setup 2-factor authentication for github? We are going to require this going forward.

(kjetilkjeka) #5

Sorry for delaying this. I should be on 2fa now

(Scott Dixon) #6

No problem. Good to have you back!

(Scott Dixon) #7

Okay, 2fa requirements will be enforced starting at 0:00 UTC (in about 5 hours).

(Scott Dixon) #8

2fa is now required. Let me know if you lost access.