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There is a bug in libcanard dsdl, Please check

(Cherish Gww) #1

Just now I update libcanard, and generate DSDL
here is the bug.

uavcan/equipment/actuator/actuator_ArrayCommand.c: In function ‘uavcan_equipment_actuator_ArrayCommand_encode_internal’:

uavcan/equipment/actuator/actuator_ArrayCommand.c:41:93: error: subscripted value is neither array nor pointer nor vector
offset += uavcan_equipment_actuator_Command_encode_internal((void*)&source->commands[c], msg_buf, offset, 0);

commands[c] is wrong ,that is commands.data[c] is right.

Please fix it. thank you
and I found many place have this error

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Thanks, reported: https://github.com/UAVCAN/libcanard/issues/64

(Pavel Kirienko) #3

fixed in upstream

(Cherish Gww) #4

Thank for your team, so fast.