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Scripting from the interactive console

(Phantom329) #1

I am trying to run a periodic stress test by cycling an ESC on and off every 20 min. I also need throttle (ideally current control) and I wrote a script. I am not great at coding and I can’t figure out why the entire gui tool crashes. Also I don’t know how to run a certain number of times without using a blocking call.

# length of test and time between tests in minutes
length = 20
wait = 20
no_runs = 10
throttle = 64

def run_once():
	print('Starting run')
        # warning beep
	broadcast(uavcan.equipment.indication.BeepCommand(frequency=500, duration=0.1), interval=0.5, duration=1)
	node.defer(5, spin)

def spin():

def run_test():
	print('Starting test')
	message = uavcan.equipment.esc.RawCommand(cmd=[int(82*throttle), 0, 0, 0])
	periodic((length+wait)*60, run_once)

It crashes when it tries to run node.spin. Any help is appreciated.

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

node.spin is run by the GUI tool itself, you must not call it from your script. You can implement your functions in a non-blocking way as in any IoC framework; you can find a useful example here: https://uavcan.org/GUI_Tool/User_guide/#programming-tips