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Magnetometer UAVCAN v1 for PX4

I’m developing a magnetometer sensor board that can interface to PX4 over UAVCAN.
I would like to use UAVCAN v1 but I was wondering if this is even supported right now.
It seems like the 1002.MagneticFieldStrength2.uavcan data type is just for UAVCAN v0 and that there is no implementation yet for a magnetometer over UAVCAN v1 for PX4.

I currently have a working driver on my STM32L432KBU6, reading from a QMC5883L sensor over I2C.
I want to package the data now so the PX4 can read the data over UAVCAN.
Is it possible right now to use v1 or should I try to implement the old UAVCAN?
Thank you very much for any help.

Not sure about PX4 but the corresponding data type for v1 would be uavcan.si.sample.magnetic_field_strength.Vector3:

If there is no support for magnetometers in PX4 yet, it is trivial to add. Using the old UAVCAN would be a mistake at this point.

Thank you, I’ll look into that!