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How to buy NXP UAVCAN dev kit - KIT-UCANS32K146


I saw that NXP sells a UAVCAN dev kit based on their s32k mcu. I would like to buy the whole kit. The kit can only be purchased with “NXP coupon”. Does anyone know where/how to get that coupon, or can’t someone give it to me?

Or is there some other way how to get whole kit?


Because there are two security components on one board this is subject to a problematic US customs issue requiring a new classification code. (Introduced by the previous administration) This will take a year to get. It only effects being able to ship out of the USA. This impacts thousands of items. It can ship anywhere else, just not out of the USA without the new classification number.

As a result distributors don’t carry it stock at the moment. Distributors will show it as no-stock, but NXP has stock at their warehouses.
So you order the kit from any distributor and they will process the order. It should add 3-7 days to the order delivery time.

Thanks for the explanation. But I can’t find any distributor of the whole kit (including the debugger) anywhere on the internet. There is no one on the NXP website either. Only one single module.