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High level node descriptor

(Michael Shaw) #1

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to understand DSDL and how we can use it in our systems. I like the DSDL composition of types and services but I feel it’s missing a higher level node construct.


  • Service ADCService
  • Service VoltageSensorsService
  • Message Status

The intent here is that by using node descriptors we can create target generators and save ourselves a lot of code to write.

Is there anything like this in UAVCAN/DSDL that I have missed? Is anyone working on similar projects?


(Pavel Kirienko) #2

You seem to be proposing something close to electronic datasheets, am I correct? Currently, there are no well-defined plans underway to support that, but you may find this post (closer to the end) relevant: GUI Tool – Next Generation

If you have a specific detailed proposal in mind, please post it in https://forum.uavcan.org/c/dev and we will discuss it.