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About the Special Interest Groups category

Development and maintenance of domain-specific vendor-neutral regulated data type definitions.

UAVCAN aims to provide a set of well-regulated domain-specific data type definitions and application-level conventions optimized for various application domains, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), spacecraft, test & measurement equipment, etc. The development and maintenance of such specialized standards require extensive knowledge of the target domain, which the core UAVCAN maintainers may lack due to their limited exposure to the specifics of the diverse applications where UAVCAN is found useful.

The Special Interest Groups (SIG) are moderated discussion forums where experts from different fields convene to develop and advance application-specific UAVCAN-based standards that suit the needs of their respective applications. Proposals to establish new SIGs are also accepted in this category.

The motivation and justification for the Special Interest Groups are provided in the topic Data type regulation policy and membership fees.