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Alternative transport protocols (9)

This post is the result of my limited research into alternative transports conducted over the last two weeks. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the latest draft of the specification v1.0. (Aug 2019 edit: th…

Weekly dev call ( 2 ) (24)

A periodic conference call among the maintainers and developers of the UAVCAN specification is to take place every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC at https://whereby.com/Zubax. Time zone Time UTC 17:00 Central European…

UAVCAN: a highly dependable publish-subscribe protocol for real-time intravehicular networking (3)

This write-up is loosely based on the materials presented at the PX4 Dev Summit in Zurich on June 20th, 2019 by Pavel Kirienko (Zubax Robotics) and Scott Dixon (Amazon Prime Air). What UAVCAN is? The following diagram i…


Why were the application specific datatypes removed in UAVCAN v1? While the application specific message definitions were removed from the core specification v1 does not prohibit or even disown the concept of application…

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