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Alternative transport protocols (6)

This post is the result of my shallow research of alternative transports conducted over the last two weeks. The reader is assumed to be familiar with the latest draft of the specification v1.0. Motivation In the very ea…

Weekly dev call (16)

A periodic conference call among the maintainers and developers of the UAVCAN specification is to take place every Wednesday at 18:00 UTC at http://appear.in/Zubax. Time zone Time UTC 18:00 Central European Ti…

Stockholm Summit recap (4)

This post is a brief recap of the major design decisions that were made during the Stockholm Summit (Oct 2nd-3rd, 2018) and during the preceding discussions on Github. The objective of the summit was to discuss the main …

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Transfer priority level mnemonics (9)
Non-normative sections of the specification (3)
The case for code compatibility (14)
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